Anderson, SC — On October 18, 2017, an Anderson County jury found Cole Brooks Gray guilty of the charges of Trafficking Methamphetamine, with a weight range of 100-200 grams, Receiving Stolen Goods, and Failure to Stop for a Blue Light.  Following his conviction, the Honorable Alexander S. Macaulay sentenced Gray to 25 years in jail for Trafficking, 3 years for Receiving Stolen Goods and 5 years for Failure to Stop for a Blue Light.  The case was tried by Solicitor David R. Wagner. 


On November 12, 2016, a Sheriff’s Deputy observed Gray run a stop sign near the Starr Community while driving a stolen 1994 Chevy C1500. The officer initiated both his blue lights and his siren but Gray failed to stop.  He then led deputies through Anderson County on a high speed chase that ended on Dixon Road only after officers barricaded a road and deployed stop sticks to deflate the tires of the truck Gray was driving.  Prior to stopping, Gray threw a large bag containing 109 grams of methamphetamine out of the driver’s window into the roadway. Following the chase another bag of methamphetamine was also found in the driver’s seat of the truck.  


“Cole Gray is a career criminal who put our community in danger not only by trafficking methamphetamine, but by completely disregarding public safety during a lengthy and dangerous chase with law enforcement.  Thanks to the hard work of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office he is off the streets and will no longer threaten the health and safety of the citizens of Anderson County,” said Solicitor Wagner, following the guilty verdict.  “Mr. Gray has 25 years in jail to consider how he wants to become a productive member of society.” 

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