Pre-Trial Intervention

Pre-Trial Intervention

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What is Pre-Trial Intervention?

PTI is a diversionary program created by the South Carolina Legislature in 1980. It is designed for offenders charged with certain general sessions, magistrate, and municipal court non-violent crimes who have no significant criminal history. This legislation allows the qualified offenders to be diverted from court. The individual is placed in a program which consists of counseling, education, community service, restitution, drug testing, prison tours, and/or other such requirements. Successful completion of the program requirements allows the offender’s arrest record to be expunged (destroyed). The goal of the program is to break the criminal behavior cycle by providing intervention with the aim of reducing recidivism. Offenders may participate in this program only one time. PTI is a self-supporting program under the control and supervision of the Tenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office and is supported through cooperation of judicial, law enforcement, and community services agencies.

Who is eligible for Pre-Trial Intervention ?


The Pre-Trial Intervention Act of 1980 states that PTI shall be appropriate where:

* Justice will be served by placing the offender in an intervention program
* The needs of the state and the offender will be better served outside the traditional criminal justice process
* The offender poses no threat to the community
* The offender is unlikely to be involved in further criminal activity
* The offender is likely to respond to rehabilitative treatment
* The offender has no significant prior record



Applicants must verify employment and/or education by submitting a current check stub, statement from the employer, class schedule, or school identification. If an applicant is disabled the disability must be verified. 


Applicants may be required to attend court. The case manager will arrange the specific dates and times for court observation.

Each applicant must complete a report on the law they violated. A copy of the law and a report must be submitted. The report must include an overall summary of what the law states, the fines and sentences that apply, and a general explanation of what happened when the offender was arrested.

Applicants may be randomly tested while in PTI. A negative drug test result is required in order for successful completion.

Applicants are required to complete up to 50 hours of community service work at a non-profit organization. Hours will be verified by the organization.

All applicants must complete a counseling program. Counseling requirements will be determined by the solicitor, law enforcement, and the PTI staff.

Applicants may be required to attend AA or NA. Attendance must be verified by AA or NA sponsors.

Each applicant must attend either the prison tour or Get Smart presentation. Get Smart is a program where inmates give an account of how they ended up in prison.

Applicants are required to pay restitution. Restitution is determined by the prosecuting solicitor based on information received from the victim, the arresting agency, and statutory guidelines.

Anderson County Office


Physical Address: Anderson County Courthouse, 100 S Main St., Anderson, SC 29624

Oconee County Office

Physical Address: Oconee County Courthouse, 205 W. Main St., Walhalla, SC 29691

At this time, applications for Oconee PTI, AEP, and TEP, as well as expungements, may be completed and delivered to the Oconee office. All mail should be sent to:

Att: Diversion
Tenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office
PO Box 8002
Anderson, SC 29622

All calls regarding PTI, AEP, TEP and expungements should be directed to our Anderson office at 864-260-4042. 

                                       EXPUNGEMENT INFORMATION

All Expungements are handled by PTI personnel in our Anderson office.   Expungement applications are taken via email ([email protected]), fax (864.260.1030), mail or in person. Click on the application form link button below to complete your application. 

Applications are taken in Oconee during regular office hours (8:30-5 M-F).  Preferably, applications for Oconee charges should be emailed ([email protected]), faxed (864.260.1030) or mailed . Click on the application form link button below to complete your application. 

***NOTE: Only Cashiers Checks and Money Orders accepted. No personal checks, credit cards or cash accepted. Please read all instructions carefully when you click on the form.  Fax numbers are shown above. Completed expungement applications for Anderson County may be emailed to [email protected]. Completed Oconee County expungement applications may be emailed to [email protected]. ***