(Walhalla, SC) On April 17, 2017,  Joshua Charles Campbell pled guilty before the Honorable J. Cordell Maddox to nine counts of Attempted Murder and one count of Arson Third Degree.  Campbell was sentenced to 12 years (no parole) on all counts, to be served concurrently.  


On January 16, 2016, Campbell set fire to a vehicle in the carport of a home located at 5019 Forest Drive in Seneca, South Carolina. The fire spread from the vehicle to the home, causing extensive damage.  At the time of the fire, the home was occupied by 9 adults and children, two of which being Mr. Campbell’s child and the child’s mother.  When interviewed by law enforcement, Campbell denied involvement with the fire but provided details that had not been publicly released.  SLED testing confirmed the fire did originate with the vehicle parked in the carport and gasoline was used as an accelerant.  This case was investigated by the Oconee County Sheriff’s office and SLED.    


Joshua Campbell’s reckless and criminal behavior endangered the lives of many people on January 16, 2016.  I am grateful that the occupants of the home were able to escape without injury and no firefighters were harmed extinguishing the fire.   Today’s plea ensures that our community and the victims in this case can live without fear of Joshua Campbell for over the next decade.” Solicitor David Wagner.           


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